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T. Scarberry
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Current Residence: Colorado Springs
Favourite genre of music: Alternative, Rock, Spanish guitar, Islandy sounding music
Favourite style of art: Traditional
  • Listening to: Wind
  • Playing: Pokemon: Yellow, Soul Silver, Y and ORAS
  • Eating: Sammich
  • Drinking: Water and Coffee
Back from the convention! It was a blast ^^
It felt a lot like early NDK, before it got all huge and crazy. It was small enough to not be overly taxing, but big enough to be fun.
I wasn't very prepared going back into the table scene, but I did pretty well! We are even looking to see about applying to another con in August.

I did really well with my warriors badges ironically. I was just fishing for fans by putting them out, but they actually sold better than anything else (except Link and Amaterasu of course). I want to do more of them and better ones; more characters and whatnot. I plan to do Whitestorm, Lionheart, Cinderpelt, Sandstorm, Dustpelt, Greystripe and Ravenpaw for sure. I will take suggestions!

Special thanks to Bliger-Studios for letting me tag along! I am an art renegade, I just into whatever group will have me for these things because I am usually prepared for selling ^^

Anyway, it's good to be home and working on more projects. Cons are inspiring ^^



RiverClan Intro Panel Storyboard by CaptainMorwen
RiverClan Intro Panel Storyboard
The storyboard process for the StarClan Battles - RiverClan introduction. I wanted to play off of the "RiverClan's Finest" art that gets drawn but me Kou and Kiki.

The panels: (read left to right, up to down)

1. Wolfthorn creeps back into RiverClan after having met Dawnmist in ThunderClan.
2. Swiftmask 'catches' him and asks: "Where have you been all day?" Wolfthorn whips around; alarmed at first, but softens when he realizes who it was.
3. Wolfthorn's devil-may-care attitude shows as he shrugs and says: "Oh, nowhere really. Why?"
4. Swiftmask has a 'sweat drop' moment and smiles awkwardly, explaining: "Well, I covered for you and took Greypaw to train... but... well..."
5. Swiftmask gets a bit more serious and a bit worried (there is obviously a reason why Wolfthorn's actions vex him), he lectures: "You should really stop leaving clan territory so often --lecture lecture lecture-- It just looks bad..." (perhaps a panel with Wolfthorn washing his face during the whole thing should have been added here as well)
6. Wolfthorn walks past him and says: "You worry too much... but thanks." Swiftmask smiles good-naturedly.
7. Several smaller panels in which the two of them travel back to RiverClan camp; they mostly focus on Swiftmask while Wolfthorn inner monologues: "That's Swiftmask. He is like my brother. He looks out for me... more than my real brother ever did." "I'd like to tell you that this is my story, but it's not; it's his." "Swiftmask loves RiverClan more than anyone, and if you ask me, he should be the one to lead it... Not Rainstar." "Even so, we remain misfits in our own clan."
8. They arrive at RiverClan camp so a good shot of the camp will be provided, like the WindClan one: Greypaw is happy to see his mentor, Wolfthorn, and cats are up to various activities. Rainstar sits upon her rock so they have a good idea that there will be a clan meeting soon.
9. Rainstar calls for a clan meeting; the classing language for that will be used here of course.
10. Rainstar calls Mosskit forward: "Mosskit, please come forward." Mosskit looks up at her excitedly as we see our misfits in the background. (There is a note on there to perhaps include Silverblaze here, but she is a well respected member of the clan, so she doesn't fit the 'misfit' label)
11. Rainstar's voice is heard from 'off-screen': "Swiftmask will be your mentor!" she puts an inflection on his name as she knows how surprised he would be because she hates him and he knows it. Swiftmask looks surprised, as does Wolfthorn as he whips his head to look at Swiftmask: "Me...?" Swiftmask says.
12. Swiftmask approaches Mosspaw. (perhaps a devious look from Rainstar can be seen here to show her sinister nature)
13. Classic apprentice/mentor nose touch between the two new partners.
14. Rainstar finishes with the devious look still on her face: "You both will be joining us at the gathering." Wolfthorn's inner monologue: "Rainstar has never pulled anything like THIS before..." (perhaps add: "I could only wonder what she was up to...") Swiftmask and Mosspaw sit with Wolfthorn and Greypaw.
15. The four misfits with their new member; a panel showing all of their classic faces: Greypaw - excited, Wolfthorn - cool as a cucumber, Swiftmask - determined and Mosspaw - happy/pleased. Wolfthorn's inner monologue: "At any rate, we had another cat to join the ranks of the misfits...heh..."

WanderClan Concept WIP by CaptainMorwen
WanderClan Concept WIP
I will type up what it says on the side there in a moment

Okay, so this would be the bunch of WanderClan that our patrol will run into.

Shiningstar - pale calico she cat with green eyes
          Clever and demanding of her warriors
Riptalon - dark brown tom (design up for edit) with yellow eyes
          More sinister and un-trusting
Twigpaw - little blue lynx point she-cat with round blue eyes
          Talented and bright/smart
Tallwillow - very tall Siamese (color up for edit) she-cat with blue eyes
          Deputy. Commanding and logical
Hawkpaw - brown or tan tabby tom with red and black ringed tail, yellow eyes
          Outgoing and loud
Whitepaw - white/cream tabby she-cat with blue eyes
          Meek and shy
Quartztail - cream agouti she-cat with white tail and grey eyes
          Strong and stoic
Truepaw - blue/grey tabby tom with black paws and green eyes
          Kind and calm
Rookwing - black tabby tom with a blue eye (we all know him!)
          Calm and logical
Blitzkit - bright orange and gold patched tom with amber eyes (know him too!)
         Mischievous and bold
Shimmerwhisker - black tom with white flecks and white whiskers, green eyes
         Strong and obedient/respectful
Birchfur - brown tabby tom with yellow eyes
          Cocky and passionate
Firestalker - tortoiseshell she-cat with bright orange/red blazes on paws and face, amber eyes
          Loyal and clever

That's what the page says. You'll notice that Tallwillow is also the deputy in Black Sun. WanderClan does not succeed rank in the same way that regular clans do. Their leaders are chosen in a manner similar to the Tribe. So the chosen leader, be it a kit to a warrior, will train under the Wind Reader and the Deputy, example: Twigpaw's mentors are Rookwing and Tallwillow. Little Twig has already been chosen because Shiningstar has seen the loss of her own last life in a vision.
I wanna have a contest on StarClanCats-Club but I'm pretty sure no one will get the message and enter lol ^^;
I have tons of art to post... but no scanner at the moment. So, expect an influx of art when I post it. There will be at least five new pieces, if not more.
WindClan's Finest - WIP by CaptainMorwen
WindClan's Finest - WIP
WindClan cats chillin'
This is old as hell, but I found it while I was digging around for another old drawing (that i never found). I will probably never finish this, but there is a possibility... It was going to be grassland but I think it would look good as snow. I would have to color the tree and the rock and then take care of some stuff in Photoshop (erase the grass line art).

I love the colors of the cats, so I figured this was worth showing on here.

Auburntail (c) Simatra
Tallreed (c) MyNameIsWaterDummy
Swiftlegs (c) blusaurus
Amberheart (c) HorsesWolves
Flintwhisker's Apprentice by CaptainMorwen
Flintwhisker's Apprentice
Quick finish on this one because I didn't want to abandon it, but I had learned what I could from it already so I didn't want to finish... It's not great but it is done.

Rainbow Beena by CaptainMorwen
Rainbow Beena
So... My dog turns into a rainbow (arches her back really hard) when you push on her back and then she slowly falls to the floor and it's hilarious. I wanted to just do the fastest digital drawing of hr as a rainbow lol.

Will be moved to scraps, but its funny. XD
Fang - Growlithe by CaptainMorwen
Fang - Growlithe
Fang himself. He is kind of a jerk. In Pokeglobe, I leveled him to the point where he stopped listening to me (I did it for story purposes, conflict is fun). He kinda does his own thing. I also had a story piece where he was the reincarnation of Ardea(Morwen)'s Arcanine friend. She found the Arcanine chained up in the Pokemon Mansion and she released her; it turned out that the Arcanine was a ghost and merely needed a courageous person to set her free so that she could be at peace. Ardea was given a special favor in the form of a studded leather collar (it was given to Arcanine by her trainer before she died).
The collar is passed down to Fang and it gives him the ability of ghost type pokemon (he cannot be hit by normal type moves and he can pass through walls). I now know that it was god-playing a bit... but I think it was a good quirk to the story.

Anyway, here is my Fang line-art ^^
Ardea and Fang by CaptainMorwen
Ardea and Fang
This is a bit of a mix between a Nuzlocke I did with MyNameIsWaterDummy (the Fire Nation Pokemon Y Nuz) and PokeGlobe.
I played as a character in PokeGlobe with my own name (Morwen) and we were allowed to start with any Pokemon we wanted; I chose Growlithe. I had made a backstory for her in which she was the granddaughter of Blaine and she was to become the gym leader of Cinnabar Island, but she had to go on a Pokemon journey and beat all the other gyms first in order to appreciate her heritage. There was a lot of story in that and I hope to pick it up with BeCeejed at some point (perhaps Water can join with her Water Tribe character?).

In the end, I used the name Ardea ('Blazing One' in Latin) for this character and changed the design from the original 'Morwen' character, who wore a trench coat and had a larger collar etc.
The new idea: Ardea is a descendant of fire type gym leaders (Fire Nation style) and she starts her Pokemon journey in Kanto Region. She was given an unruly Growlithe (Fang) before heading to her destination in Pallet Town. Ardea chooses Charmander as her starter, or course, and names him Chili Pepper. She also meets her traveling companions: rival Scott, rival Axel, Kou (KouNaraishi, which I will probably change the name for), Ryna and ____ (Water's character? [tentative]).

I am hoping to make a comic, but I have a long way to go in my human drawing practice, so we'll see.

Anyway, this is a line art I made with this story idea in mind. I hope to color it. Fang looks awesome!
I could use some crit on Ardea, but be gentile please. I tend to abandon drawing humans if crit-ed too hard... ^^;
I know the face could use work, but I am just not sure how to make my hand cooperate. I'll get better, no worries.

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CaptainMorwen Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Nope! Patches and Dawnfeather are elders. There are some others in other clans that may have been kits in Black Sun too, like Swiftwing and Jaycrest.
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I do request days, yes... but not often unfortunately ^^;
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Thanks so much ^^
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