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Warriors - Expressions by CaptainMorwen
Warriors - Expressions
To go with my Ghostfrost expressions I also did more cartoon versions of expressions. This was mostly to practice this cartoon style which would be good for a comic if I ever get around to planning one out.

There is Bluemask, Ridgefrost, Gorsepaw, Aspenpaw, Rushtail, Blazeclaw, Swiftwing, Flintwhisker, Darkpaw and Goldentalon. I really like Blaze and Aspen lol
Ghostfrost - Expressions by CaptainMorwen
Ghostfrost - Expressions
When i draw my warriors i tend to put a neutral happy expression on them unless the character is really angry or otherwise, so i wanted to practice someone whose expression is nearly never 'happy'. I did Ghostfrost... disgusted, forlorn, surprised, determined, furious and sneering. (in no particular order)

This is my more realistic cat facial style in which the eyebrows are not humanoid and the features are less cartooned.
Morwen - Jackal-Sand Cat by CaptainMorwen
Morwen - Jackal-Sand Cat
This is it. My real fursona. I could not decide if I was canine or feline (and I am not anything but one of those), so I mixed them. I have small features, I love deserts and hot weather and most of my mannerisms are cat-like; I howl, I like long distance traveling (like a canine) and I am solitary except for my own family group. I am an Arabian sand cat mixed with a side-striped jackal. My cat features are more prominent, but i still wag my tail quite often ^_~
What's all this then? O.o
DeviantArt became Facebook now? Okay, that's fine I guess. Just another reason never to visit my Facebook page again lol
Fur Headshots by CaptainMorwen
Fur Headshots
I went ahead and did some practice on furry type art. I plan to get a dealer's den spot out at RMFC next year and mingle with the furs.
The top two are smaller creatures with slighter builds: a fox and a caracal.
the bottom two are more muscular beasts: a wolf and a saber

they are all random character designs, i did not intend them to be anyone in particular.
I will continue to practice these guys so watch my progress.
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Hey! I am now on Fur Affinity if anyone is over there; its just going to be the same art that I post on here, but no warriors stuff. So, if you like my wolves and whatnot, and not so much my warriors stuff, there's the place. I have been meaning to make an account there for a while and then I did and never used it... Now I'm going to use it a bit; maybe I will post more furry art up there.


So, the title of this journal is Win Some, Learn Some. Sometimes when you work full time and go to college, you get burned out. That happened to me and I failed a big class. Long story short, I have to pay tons of moneys back to the Air Force and I felt ashamed for about a week. Lesson: sometimes you fail at stuff, don't feel ashamed, just do a new thing.

I DID learn that I do NOT, in fact, want to be a biologist. I have been obsessed with rocks since I took a geology class and I want to be a geologic engineer or geoscientist. Lesson: do not choose a path because it seems easy, do what you really want to do; carpe diem. I will attempt to make it into the Colorado School of Mines.

I have been feeling down about my art after the failure because I spent all this time studying and working so hard on this shitty course that I had no time for art; it was all for nothing. I have not seen significant improvement in my art for a year or two because I can't find time to do it... It used to be my release, but now I have a constant bout of art block. Lesson: make time! Stress sucks, so take a little time to be yourself.

I have not posted anything that is actually meaningful on here in a while; it makes me remember high school and how supportive some of you were back then. Sometimes it helps to write stuff out, even if no one reads it. I am good at hiding when I am down, but I feel better.

It has been a rough few weeks, but I am going to take it easy next semester and recover from the failure and stress. I have a long road ahead and I hope it is filled with more arts!  ^_^


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T. Scarberry
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Favourite genre of music: Alternative, Rock, Spanish guitar, Islandy sounding music
Favourite style of art: Traditional

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Do you read warrior cats?
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I love the way you draw wolves!  They're beautiful!
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Hey Morwen :) I found some name generators for the roleplay. I guess you'd have used these before and I'll just post some different ones.…    If you scroll down a bit you'll see the generator…  I like this one because it makes descriptions as well

You don't have to use these, they're just suggestions :)
CaptainMorwen Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
That could be useful, thanks ^^
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You're welcome :)
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What medium u used for ur traditional arts?
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