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The Warrior, The Firebird and the Jackal
   In a land of desert sands and oasis kingdoms lived an emperor of many riches, his most prized of which were his golden apples which he grew for his people, but even so, their prosperity seemed to plummet and no one could understand why. One morning, the emperor went to his orchard and noticed that there were several apple cores littering the ground; he went into an uproar and started to panic; he ran back to his temple to consult his royal guard on the matter. The guard consisted of his two sons, the princes of the empire and his adopted daughter who served him as a warrior, even if she would never have rights to his land or temple.
   “There is something coming at night to eat my golden apples,” the emperor told them, “If there are less apples then the people may starve!”
   “I will find out what has been eating your apples and kill it!” said the oldest prince. So he left for the orchard and stayed there for one whol
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13. Brother of Starless Night :iconcaptainmorwen:CaptainMorwen 57 8 Young Swiftwing :iconcaptainmorwen:CaptainMorwen 57 2

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T. Scarberry
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Current Residence: Colorado Springs
Favourite genre of music: Alternative, Rock, Spanish guitar, Islandy sounding music
Favourite style of art: Traditional
  • Listening to: Niche music
  • Reading: Into the Wild (again)
  • Watching: American Horror Story
  • Playing: Pokemon: ORAS and X&Y, Niche
  • Eating: Tomatoes and Strawberries
  • Drinking: Water as always!
I start school on Monday for 2D animation at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. It's going to be a blast, I can tell ^^
I am excited to finally learn some animation programs and make things like the rest of the community. I do understand the fundamentals of doing it, I just don't have much in the tech savvy department, so it seems impossible to do anything that isn't traditional tracing paper animation.
My first semester will probably be slower because it is liberal arts and foundations stuff, so I'll still be around quite a lot for commissions and whatnot. I will still be working on the 100 challenge from StarClanCats-Club too. I was thinking about doing creature adoptables; it came up on my radar again when an old friend mentioned it. I could do warriors complete with name and design or I could do themed creatures like my fruit wolves/foxes...

I have been playing Niche a lot, it relaxes me quite a bit and I love tower defense games anyway, especially with cute little creatures and genetics lol.

Need to get some crap together for the next convention: Rocky Mountain Con. I didn't have the ability to get anything new done due to finances, but hopefully I can just make enough Warriors stuff that it works out; I think it's a small convention, so it should be fine. I'm wondering if that Warriors movie announcement brought any old fans out.

Things I am still wanting to do:
Resin Magnets
Badges (new designs)
Plush (possibly)
Things I have right now:


Anyway, fun times.


Snapdragon Idea
really quick design for a character I will hopefully be using for my senior thesis. it's a long way away, but i can still think about it lol

this design is fluid and will probably change.
FRUIT! Poster
My poster design. Another assignment for 2D Design class. Mine is more of an advertisement poster for a post apocalyptic product called FRUIT!
This was a collaboration with my sister (who did all of the fonts and text effects).
Vector Raptor
My obsession with raptors runs deep. I made a whole school assignment based on the idea of raptors as pets. This is the cover. My tetradic color pallet reminds me of the 90's too lol.

I am getting better at drawing these guys finally, so prepare for a whole bunch of new raptor characters.
Boba Shadow 2D Design
A thing for 2D design class done with vectors. The idea was to use one saturation of color in the same color while only shifting the hue. Blue is easy because the blue spectrum is a bit larger than other colors... like green... I tried green for another one and it didn't work.

Boba Fett (bengal cat) and Gipsy Danger (black cat). She is like his little shadow ^_^
Balance - Rugah's Hunt - Colorscript
***EDIT*** After crits in class, it was brought to my attention that the last panel simply does not work; it is unclear what is going on due to darkness and it ends with very intense colors that make the viewer think the conflict is not over. This one is much better ^^

This was an assignment from Intro to Animated Storytelling in which we were to create a color script for a 10 minute piece of our stories. My story is 'Balance' and it's about a coyote named Feyn who races against several other animals including a striped hyena named Rugah. The race is a free for all, so Rugah takes it upon herself to eliminate her competition. This is her first encounter with Feyn during the race. She tries to kill him and hunts him down until falling into a hole in the volcanic fields. Feyn leaves her a vine to use to climb out...

The mood here is from carelessness to responsibility. Feyn is supposed to meet his teammate at the volcano, but he chooses to relish the day and take his time instead. He is attacked by Rugah, who shows him that this race is more serious and more dangerous that he originally gave it credit for; it is a mission rather than a fun outing. In the end, he learns to take it seriously and heads to the volcano.

I could write a shit ton more about this, but I'll leave it at that.
Teaf - headshot
Just a Teaf headshot for like, icons and stuff.

just trying some new things.



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