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deviation in storage by Exileden


StarClan Battles - Dawnstar 3 by CaptainMorwen
StarClan Battles - Dawnstar 3
Just trying different methods for these. This one didn't take me nearly as long because i inked it with pen and scanned it that way instead of using digital lines to go over my pencils work. Dawnmist kinda changes color a bit from page to page (can't decide on a color, so whatever)

Anyway, this is her return to camp. The cats that are sitting vigil for Brackenfoot are Rowanstorm (his former apprentice), Fawnbound and Hailstorm. There are various cats in the back as well. I haven't decided on a design for Elmstar so this is kinda just winging it.
StarClan Battles - Dawnstar 2 by CaptainMorwen
StarClan Battles - Dawnstar 2
Finally had time to color the second page. Thornheart finds Dawnmist at her favorite spot and tells her about her father's death. This is the first of several changes I have made to the story (on Dawn's part at least). He father was a rogue before because I was unsure of making family members at the time (the clans were supposed to be filled up by real players so I was afraid to make too many cats). It would make sense for Dawn's father to be clan-born.

So, enter Thornheart! He is one of my favorites and has a really big part as Dawn's friend and adviser.

I am playing with page set up and colors. I almost wish I could color with vectors... but I like my super dark color scheme actually.

Dawnstar's intro will actually be pretty long; there are quite a few more pages to it. The day of the gathering is eventful.
StarClan Battles - Dawnstar 1 by CaptainMorwen
StarClan Battles - Dawnstar 1
StarClan Battles is going to be revised, mostly at the beginning.
This would be Dawnmist and her apprentice Larkpaw.

If you follow StarClanCats, there are more pieces to the story!

Here is Simatra's first page with Spottedshadow:  StarClan Battles-Spottedshadow page 1
Dawnmist and Wolfthorn by CaptainMorwen
Dawnmist and Wolfthorn
Simple colored pencil background for this. I figure I should at least do SOMETHING if i ever want to get good at it. So, no detail, just general shape and colors.

This would be Dawnmist (previously Dawnstar) she chooses to give her name back to StarClan along with her extra lives, but Lionstar pleads for them to leave her one life at least. This one life she uses to finally follow her heart and go with Wolfthorn away from the clans. She decided that her presence as leader in the clan was not supposed to happen and it was her destiny to die a deputy (based on the events of StarClan Battles), so she goes to StarClan with her newest deputy, Lionfire, with full intentions of never returning (she is sure that StarClan will shun her and she will be killed), but her thoughts are proven wrong when Lionstar strikes a deal with Redleaf and saves Dawnstar's existence. She is finally free to be with Wolfthorn.

This is all after they move to their new home. The future of the story changes here and there... it used to be different and it might be again, but this is how it is in my mind right now. XP
Black Sun - Cave Scene by CaptainMorwen
Black Sun - Cave Scene
For this I was just kind of looking at how well my new comic style cats fit into a real comic page so excuse the coloring. This is just a sample, I don't actually plan on doing most of Black Sun!
I went to the boards, chose a random page, random post and random paragraph to base this on. Unfortunately, outsiders will not quite grasp what is going on here without an intro:

Patchpaw is in the process of running ahead and making all kinds of ruckus; her loud noises are causing the cave/mine to collapse. She realizes this and calls for the others to hurry. The others freeze in fear, Blitzburn states the obvious and in their panic, Shinglepaw drops the two-leg light thing that they were carrying. They all follow the sounds of Patchpaw's calling and there in front of them is the exit to their doom. At the end, Ghost notices that Shinglepaw has cut herself on the two-leg thing and is falling behind.

I plan to do these with some sort of painter software when I get it installed. My pencils certainly can't handle this kind of crazy lol. I do have a tablet though! Thanks Leah! ^^
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Hey! I am now on Fur Affinity if anyone is over there; its just going to be the same art that I post on here, but no warriors stuff. So, if you like my wolves and whatnot, and not so much my warriors stuff, there's the place. I have been meaning to make an account there for a while and then I did and never used it... Now I'm going to use it a bit; maybe I will post more furry art up there.


So, the title of this journal is Win Some, Learn Some. Sometimes when you work full time and go to college, you get burned out. That happened to me and I failed a big class. Long story short, I have to pay tons of moneys back to the Air Force and I felt ashamed for about a week. Lesson: sometimes you fail at stuff, don't feel ashamed, just do a new thing.

I DID learn that I do NOT, in fact, want to be a biologist. I have been obsessed with rocks since I took a geology class and I want to be a geologic engineer or geoscientist. Lesson: do not choose a path because it seems easy, do what you really want to do; carpe diem. I will attempt to make it into the Colorado School of Mines.

I have been feeling down about my art after the failure because I spent all this time studying and working so hard on this shitty course that I had no time for art; it was all for nothing. I have not seen significant improvement in my art for a year or two because I can't find time to do it... It used to be my release, but now I have a constant bout of art block. Lesson: make time! Stress sucks, so take a little time to be yourself.

I have not posted anything that is actually meaningful on here in a while; it makes me remember high school and how supportive some of you were back then. Sometimes it helps to write stuff out, even if no one reads it. I am good at hiding when I am down, but I feel better.

It has been a rough few weeks, but I am going to take it easy next semester and recover from the failure and stress. I have a long road ahead and I hope it is filled with more arts!  ^_^


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