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SB - ThunderClan - 3 by CaptainMorwen
SB - ThunderClan - 3
I think there is only one more page of ThunderClan. The only characters left are Redleaf's family: Snakefang (or Shrewpelt in the beginning), Hailstorm and their kits... i think that's it.

Anyway, it was really fun recovering these guys and looking at old art to do them. Obviously I changed a lot of them because I just didn't give them very good designs to start out.

Fawnbound is a senior warrior and his mate, Yellowflower, has already retired to the elders den. Yellow was a tortoiseshell originally, but I think her name suggests the new design.

Frondsway has never been drawn before, so I went from her description in the allegiances. Dustclaw was light brown, so i gave him some interesting features. The two are siblings. Frond dies in the battle for WindClan and Dustclaw retires after it.

Tornleg was an elder originally, but I gave him more of a back-story to explain his name; he has a torn tendon in his leg that makes it hard to walk, so he retired early with his new name (the old one being Spotpelt). He still tries to perform his warrior duties to the best of his ability, but rests a lot with the elders.

The kits were originally four, but litters seldom get that big in warriors and I like this string of threes I have going. Leopardkit will be added to Redleaf's family I think. Anyway, these three will become apprentices at the very beginning of StarClan Battles and they get their warrior names right before the battle for WindClan. Orangesky is killed in the battle, but Lilacfur and Sandstone live on.

Vinefur's design was boring, so I gave her a really unusual one. Just because they are side characters doesn't mean they have to be boring! Her ears are a little droopy at the tips and she has a rip in one of them; her pelt has long black stripes: VINEfur.

Swiftshadow was based on a kitten I had once so he gets to keep his design. Then there are his sons: Blackwind and Frostheart. I have drawn them before, but I never realized that Frost's eyes were supposed to be grey... so he's all fixed up here lol
ThunderClan Family Tree by CaptainMorwen
ThunderClan Family Tree
Just a list of trees. This only details up to a certain point for many warriors. I will complete it when we start Endless Storm I guess.
Cat LineArt by CaptainMorwen
Cat LineArt
I drew this one a while ago and never uploaded it. It was a sand cat, but could be any cat really.

Feel free to color it!
New Warriors by CaptainMorwen
New Warriors
Simple drawing of Ridgefrost, Flintwhisker and Sunnystripe. They are brand new warriors without a care in the world; ThunderClan is a prosperous place. The three friends trained together and all received their warrior names within a few moons of each other.

They like to hang out on the cliffs along the ocean near the old castle. I had not drawn them together yet, so I figured I would. :D

Honestly, I almost just want to summarize the rest of Black Sun so that we can start playing Endless Storm... It has just been so long to wait...
Apprentice Pencil by CaptainMorwen
Apprentice Pencil
Doing some sort of stylized younger cat faces. This could be anyone really; just a new apprentice. Really just practicing symmetry too.
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Third treatment is over... getting tired. Each time it seems more and more difficult.

I have been trying to draw more in an effort to keep my mind off of it, but my hands are pretty shaky. I may not be able to do more than the head-shots of characters I have been doing, but that's something. The lines are small enough to where, if I use a thick enough pen, it actually looks okay.

I finished RiverClan, so now I guess I better figure out ThunderClan. I was thinking of scrapping any original family tree items and starting over... That might be best.

Anyway, just a quick update. Not as optimistic as I was before on the small scale, but treatments seem to be working, so that's good for the large scale. I just feel really crappy is all. I'm hoping it levels out nicer this time.


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