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Dragonstar Design Refinement by CaptainMorwen Dragonstar Design Refinement by CaptainMorwen
First off, sorry for the picture... My scanner is still broken.

She's so pretty ^^
She is a half-blood snowy silver Egyptian Mau cat, like this beast here:…
I tend to give her a bit of a purple tint to her spots in more cartoony drawings though because I like the design aspects; odd name, odd colors = unique character. I tend to push the boundaries of cat character design in our story. I have seen a lot of oddly colored cats in real life so I like to use them even though it is unlikely in the setting of Warriors. I might color this later... Her eyes are yellow-green; brighter than the sage green eyes of pure blood Maus. Her father was Shadestripe (a former loner and pure blood charcoal Mau with a dark black stripe down his back) and her mother was Goldentalon (the golden spotted daughter of Sunspot and Grassblade), so she is a descendant of Dawnmist and Rowanstorm!

Anyway, for general knowledge to my writing partners, I want to do something different than I had originally planned with Dragonstar because she is not a major enough character right now. I think that she will stand up to her brother and suspend him from deputy duties or something along those lines; maybe ask for Wildheart's help with that while Meadowfur kinda assumes motherhood of all the kits. I need to establish how she is before I go making her sick or depressed or anything crazy like that. Perhaps she will sort of take Flintwhisker's warnings to heart and usher in a bit of peace between ShadowClan and ThunderClan once Palestar comes around. Damselthorn will take back his power a bit later for other events, but for now I think what's going on in ThunderClan is a bit unrealistic considering why Dragonstar is leader in the first place. She is not a placeholder, she is a great leader! I have been playing her wrong.
I wrote a little blurb about her on the page after I took a pic of this, so I will describe her and her situation in a better way down here. I was kinda trying to get a better feel for her and ended up really solidifying her character:


Named after the dragonfly: -Dragonkit/paw/rush/star- (a rather unconventional name for a clan-cat, but her father insisted), Dragonstar is ambitious and always has been, but she can also be quite kind and caring in the true ThunderClan way; she is ruthless when it comes to the safety of her own clan though. She tends to hide empathy under a mask of toughness and her mind is often full of dilemmas that are too morally complicated to voice. She wants good things for the other clans, truly, but not at the cost of her own. She thought that ThunderClan was in danger when she took Mouse Meadow in the first place... She had no idea that ShadowClan was struggling and honestly would have helped with the famine had she known it was going on. When ShadowClan started pushing the borders under Palestar's rule, Dragonstar was actually a bit scared; Shinglestar had never done anything like that and Damselthorn's manipulation made his sister feel cornered so she panicked a bit. She has been weary of the situation as cats have died in this war... but her early instability gave her brother the ability to convince her that aggression was the best course of action. She is soon to come around and gain back her previous strength though (SHE will deal with Palestar in a different way after listening to the plight of the young Copperpaw perhaps... she believes in Copperpaw a lot after the death of Icepath).

Dragonstar hates stupid mistakes and slip ups, but she is quick to dismiss them as they are in the past and cannot be undone; she simply asks that mistakes be paid for and that they do not happen again. She actually has a relatively calm demeanor despite the look of her; she often looks angrier or more irritated than she actually is and has a bit of a problem communicating this while addressing or scolding clan-mates. She struggles with the tone of her words at times and seems cold and wrathful to many. She seems absent most of the time as she is actually quite introverted; she does have a charisma to her personality that can sway the masses and often plays a smooth game of wit while addressing other leaders and clans. She is a quiet and calm observer; her favorite thing to do is sit upon her Tall Rock and watch her clan-mates communicate and interact with each other. The flaw to this is that she wishes to be closer to them on a personal level, but struggles to hold an intimate conversation due to her introverted nature. She is a 'workaholic' at heart and tends to focus on complex tasks on her own; she can work in a team environment (obviously), but prefers to work alone, which can make her seem very intimidating to most cats.

Dragonstar is very talented due to her ability to learn from her own mistakes without being told what was wrong in the first place; her logic and intense mind will focus on what could have been better and she will pursue it until it is perfected. She is well aware of her own physical limitations and has learned to use them to her advantage. Her physical strengths include speed; she can run with even the fastest WindClan cat (Egyptian Mau), a clever mind; she has a mind for tactics that can end a battle in minutes, and she can leap in the air with ease; her favorite prey are birds of all sorts and she has perfected the art of catching them. Her physical weakness is strength, defense and stamina so she uses her speed to best opponents quickly; it is risky, but her tactics are flawless and she has yet to get any scars from battle. Her claws are relatively short, but she keeps them well groomed and sharp; her dainty/small paws are quicker for it.

Dragonstar can be rather vain and tends to keep her coat groomed at all times; it is almost obsessive the way she cleans her fur before emerging into the open or into the view of any cat (few have even seen her ruffled or unkempt). She expects her warriors to keep up appearances at gatherings and look strong and sleek; it bothers her to see one of her warriors look bedraggled or unkempt because she fears looking weak in the eyes of other clans (she was deeply angered when Palestar scarred her beautiful brother's face). She loves hot days in green-leaf and actually likes to swim at times. As mentioned, her favorite fresh-kill are birds and she enjoys the ritual of removing feathers and cleaning the carcass before consuming prey. She does not like mud or anything that lives in mud; it disgusts her that ShadowClan and RiverClan eat frogs and marsh creatures, but she keeps the opinion to herself as she knows how unfair her biases seem.

It is a confusing time for the clan due to the ever increasing aggression of Damselthorn and his sister's lack of action against it, but Dragonstar is a very capable leader and none have ever disputed her leadership; it was as if StarClan themselves had hand picked her to succeed Lionstar and bring ThunderClan to prosperity.


Okay, so hopefully I can help this information come across in my future posts. ^^
Thanks for reading!
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Windykat200 Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ahh, love it.

Simatra Featured By Owner Edited May 8, 2016  Professional Filmographer
Oh oh! Idea! What if Dragonstar and Waspstar are rivals? They share the same kind of silent strength and desire to better themselves and those around them.  They would also probably be close in age, and Waspstar would be infuriated with a ThunderClan cat showing up WindClan's speed as an apprentice.  Waspstar is less noble and caring, making their rivalry sort of a contest of morality.  Waspstar is more true/chaotic neutral while Dragonstar feels more lawful/neutral good, and since both are obsessed with improvement, they can look at each other and be both impressed by each other's leadership, but also disgusted at how they do things.  I would probably guess that their rivalry is more mean spirited then other rivals we've made, but secretly they both admire the other, in a jealous-but-also-not-jealous-cause-wtf-is-she-doing-that-stupid-foxdung-is-going-to-get-her-clan-killed sort of way.
CaptainMorwen Featured By Owner May 9, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Lol! Yes! I love it. They would be pretty close in age, yeah, so I can see that happening for sure.
TheNameIsWater-Wea Featured By Owner May 8, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The info was AWESOME!!! Dragon's got her own intense style for everything. Perfect! And knowing more about how she fights really helps me understand how she bested Blacksnake so easily. He definitely was a more slow fighter. Love her new development!!! :D
CaptainMorwen Featured By Owner May 8, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah! It worked out pretty well. I was inspired to draw at the airport because you were drawing Charredcliff, so thanks! lol
EleventhChosenOne Featured By Owner May 8, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice lines. Very clean and refined.
CaptainMorwen Featured By Owner May 8, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you ^^
Smokestarrules Featured By Owner May 8, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is amazing!!! Good job!!!
CaptainMorwen Featured By Owner May 8, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! ^^
Smokestarrules Featured By Owner May 8, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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